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We strive to make your experience at kidsteeth feel both personal and professional. Our brand new dental office is now located on Route 320 in Swarthmore, which allows us to be a convenient location for our patients throughout Media and Swarthmore as well as surrounding areas. With state-of-the-art dental equipment and a child friendly environment, we make every effort to bring the very best care to your child. Our staff includes a pediatric dentist, hygienists, expanded function dental assistants, and front desk staff.




We treat infants all the way up to young adults. Also, Dr. Field specializes in working with special needs patients. Dr. Field understands that every child deserves the best care, and kidsteeth makes sure that every child with or without special needs is given the attention that they deserve.

Kidsteeth takes pride in giving you and your family the personal feel of having a pediatric dental office that knows you and your children. We take the time to explain any procedure, listen to your questions, and most importantly, answer them. This is a place that wants you to feel at home, a place where you and your child will want to come throughout the years.

Why go to us?
We are a paperless office, which means that we try to make visiting us as simple as can be. You will not be overwhelmed with paperwork and all necessary information will be obtained via an i-pad in the waiting room. You can come back to the exam room with your child, and again, we make every effort to make this first visit a positive experience. If you have any questions, or want to visit us before your child’s exam in order to make them more comfortable, please feel free to call us.
Your First Visit
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